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Environmental Policy

HOTELES RR, S.L. is an organisation dedicated to the presentation of hotel services, which has always sought to carry out its activity with the premise of protecting and caring for the environment, sustainability and circularity.

The hotel services offered are:

Accommodation, catering, entertainment, spa, gym and swimming pools

Our environmental commitment is based on circularity as a fundamental principle, which allows us to achieve the sustainability objectives established in the framework of Law 3/2022, of 15 June, on urgent measures for the sustainability and circularity of tourism in the Balearic Islands.

The principles on which our strategy and business management are based are:

  • - Cumply with applicable legal requirements and other environmental commitments and objectives of our stakeholders.
  • - Ensure our commitment to environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution through the implementation of appropriate and feasible organisational and technological measures within the framework of available resources.
  • - Working towards increasingly efficient use and optimisation of resources with the ultimate goal of extending the life cycle of resources.
  • - Work on the continuous improvement of our environmental management system, and in all processes, as a reference and framework for our organisation.
  • - Prioritisation of circularity actions in areas where there is room for improvement.
  • - Achieving the participation and involvement of all the organisation's personnel in the fulfilment and development of the Environmental Management System and the Circularity Plan.

In order to comply with the principles established in this policy, HOTELES RR, S.L., in line with its desire for continuous improvement, has chosen to manage the company by means of an Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 14001 Standard, as well as a Circularity Plan.

Cala d'Or, 11 th october, 2023


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